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When managements' goal is to fill critical mid to upper-level IT positions, often times Contract Recruiting can be the solution. One of CapeCode's core competencies is staff recruitment and retention. Therefore, we're in a strong position to know first hand who is in the market for a new position and truly has the training, experience and references you are looking for.

We also can provide overall savings in time and money as a supplement to your own HR department as you ramp up for projects.

On-site or Off-site Contract Recruiters can:
  • Help create internet and print ads
  • Pre-screen hundreds of resumes daily
  • Phone screen candidates to verify resume claims
  • Initiate reference checks
  • Issue skills verification tests
  • Provide report data analysis and recommendations
CapeCode and AmerIT partner on multiple state government ERP and Medicaid Management Information Systems solutions.
CapeCode signs up as sponsor for USA 1359 Team Shifty as they compete in regattas throughout the 2020 season and prepare for the 2020 J/24 North American Championship in Blue Point, Long Island, NY, in August 2020.
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