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CapeCode helps organizations to develop (or refine) and implement software quality assurance processes. The first step on the road to delivering high-quality software is to establish a process that will support the unique goals and needs of your organization. We can demonstrate that a better software QA process leads to shorter time-to-market, lower cost to support and maintain, and more satisfied customers. An effective software quality methodology incorporates:

  • Process - documented procedures to guide and support users of the methodology
  • People - management leadership; training and support for all participants
  • Tools - used to support (not replace) the Process

  • The software quality process must be practical for the organization; it must support the business objectives and be compatible with the culture. It must integrate smoothly with the Development and Product/Project Management methodologies. The software quality process must be cost-effective, according to the risks and costs it enables the organization to avoid. CapeCode's QA Process Consulting addresses nine essential process elements: Requirements Management, Design Reviews, Code Reviews, Unit Testing and Qualification Testing, Code control and configuration management, Test Planning, Test Case and Script development, Defect Tracking, Test Automation, and Testing Metrics. The QA Process includes templates or checklists for: Requirements reviews, Configuration Management, Master Test Plan, Test Cases & Scripts, Traceability Matrix, and Defect tracking system selection.


    Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V ) is a process in which an independent organization conducts an unbiased review of products to verify and validate that the products meet the customers' requirements and are engineered or constructed according to standard practices. IV&V is composed of specific activities that are performed in parallel with and complement the development process: requirements, design, build, document verification, and program validation. Our vision is to provide a full service level that includes identifying the problems and how they can be corrected, becoming involved in the process rather than just acting as an external reviewer, with no interest in the outcome. Verification determines whether or not a system or product meets all specified requirements. It exposes requirement inconsistencies and design errors early in the development process when errors are less expensive to correct. Validation determines whether or not the system achieves the specified functional and performance levels in a reliable and efficient manner.


    Testing Categories High Level Testing Detailed Testing Activities
    Application Testing Assessing Test Risks Automated Test Tools
    Business Rules Testing Identifying Test Deliverables Automating Test Processes
    Compatibility Testing Calculating Test Coverage Building Test Suites
    End-to-end Testing Coordinating Test Schedules Compiling Test Metrics
    Functional Testing Defining Test Scope Creating Test Beds
    Integration Testing Estimating Test Resources Designing Test Cases
    Interface Testing Organizing Test Infrastructure Developing Test Procedures
    Nominal Testing Planning Test Strategies Devising Test Scenarios
    Regression Testing   Drafting Test Plans
    Stress Testing   Establishing Test Standards
    System Testing   Executing Test Scripts
    Unit Testing   Formulating Test Criteria
    User Acceptance Testing   Generating Test Data
        Preparing Test Environments
        Problem Tracking and Resolution
        Requirements Evaluation
        Requirements Traceability
        Specifying Test Conditions
        Test case execution
        Test Data design
        Test Summary Reports
        Validating Test Requirements
        Verifying Test Results
    CapeCode and AmerIT partner on multiple state government ERP and Medicaid Management Information Systems solutions.
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